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VA Wrong Way Accident kills 3 and injures 4

Photo captured from NBC

On Thursday afternoon, A Dodge driver eluding police took the wrong way onto the express lane of I-95. At the time, the line was open for southbound travelers but this driver took a northbound route, breaking through the closed gates. According to police, the driver, Tia O. Porter (46) from Richmond, VA, and her passenger, Stephanie T. Morton (26) hit an oncoming truck. The truck hit the guardrail and turned over, killing the truck driver, Kenneth E. Crosby Jr. (61), of Dumfries at the scene.

Later the Dodge was hit by an oncoming Hyundai Tucson and a Volkswagen vehicle. When the Dodge was hit on impact by the Volkswagen vehicle, the Dodge car burst into flames. The Dodge driver and the passenger died at the scene, but two other adults and two children from Hyundai and Volkswagen drivers and passengers were injured.

According to police, the Dodge driver drove 80 mph at a 65 mph zone, and police repeatedly tried to pull her over but she refused to stop. Eventually, she took the wrong way ending 3 lives including her own, and landed four other people in hospital beds.

The Truck driver heading home from his work was a civilian with the Marine Corps and a 9-11 hero. According to his friends and family, he was a 9-11 survivor, then a recently-retired Marine Corps lieutenant when the airplane hit the Pentagon where he had come to retrieve his retirement papers. He had courageously saved many of his colleagues and people by helping them into his truck and hauling them away for their safety.

Crosby’s family and friends are mourning his death tonight.


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