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Canada-US Border Bridge Explodes from Car Crash

Captured from the Google Images:

Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls

A 2022 Bentley sped across the US-Canada border via the Rainbow Bridge at Niagra Falls around noon on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, one of the busiest times of the year.

It then exploded on the bridge.

Law enforcement immediately investigated this accident and found 2 people were killed and became concerned about 3 other bridges in the region that connected the two countries. Law authorities identified the two diseased people and investigated through their social media accounts. They didn’t find any suspicious activities on their social media.

The Bentley driver hit a curb, went airborne over a barrier, and exploded, according to law enforcement officials. Footage on social media and from surveillance cameras shows the remains strewn about with thick smoke and fire billowing. According to CNN News, a border patrol employee in a booth sustained a minor injury. The New York State Governor Kathy Hochul said in a press conference, that the Bentley originated in the vicinity of a casino, and a Western New Yorker was involved in this accident.

As a result of this incident, on the Eve of Thanksgiving Day, 4 bridges were closed immediately, and the Buffalo International Airport also closed momentarily.

Two leaders of the countries briefed and announced that there was no “terrorist attack,” and that it was a just tragic accident.

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