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Frenchwoman posts nude video for her business, gets arrested by Indian police

Photo from Google Images 27-year old Frenchwoman, identified only as Marie-Helene was arrested on August 27 by the local Indian police in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, after her Indian social media followers recognized the background of her nude video as the holy bridge. The Ganges is a sacred river to Hinduism, and it […]

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Large Companies Enforce Gag Orders for Positive Coronavirus cases

(Photo from Wikipedia) Cheesecake Factory,, Cargill, McDonald’s, Target have given instructions to their employees not to talk about Coronavirus positive cases at work places. As the countries start to reopen, with many businesses closing or being sluggish, big corporations noted to be important were able to make up some of the financial losses, but […]

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17-year-old boy kills 2 people and injures 1 before arrest

(Photo from CBS) Tuesday night about at about 11:45pm, Kyle Rittenhouse (17), a high school student shot his long gun at protesters, killing 2 people and injuring 1 on the intersection of 63rd street and Sheridan Rd in Kenosha, Illinois. It was the third night of protest for justice for the police shooting of 29 […]

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Catching Coronavirus Twice

A 33-year old Hong Kong resident contracted the COVID-19 twice this year. He was infected once in March, recovered from it, only to become re-infected in August. The first time, his symptoms were mild; second time, they were asymptomatic. They are 142 days apart in terms of infection. The second time, he was returning from […]

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Novel Coronavirus is in every US county

Photo from Google Images As Coronavirus cases continue to rise every day, Government officials now claim that the novel coronavirus has spread to nearly every state and territory in the United States. With 675,276 cases and 12,234 deaths, California has the highest cases, overtaking Florida, Texas, and New York. These numbers, however, aren’t shown to […]

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Coronavirus Vaccine Possible by Winter 2020, Likely by 2021

(President Trump announced “Operation Warp Speed” in May) Harvard University vaccine researcher Dr. Dan Barouch reported that a coronavirus vaccine was likely to be possible by end of 2020, but that it will likely be available in 2021. There are currently 32 vaccines undergoing human trials, with Barouch directing the Center for Virology and Vaccine […]



(press release) City Takes Innovative Approach to Using CARES Act Funds Manassas, VA –August 19, 2020 –The City of Manassas is dedicating $400,000 to expanding its long-standing partnerships with SkillSource and Northern Virginia Community College. The funds will directly help residents who have been furloughed or are unemployed as a result of the pandemic. “We […]

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Democrats Announce Highlights for Night Two of the 2020 Democratic National Convention: “Uniting America”

<Press release> Tuesday Night’s Theme is “Leadership Matters” MILWAUKEE—The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) today previewed the official program for night two of the 2020 Democratic National Convention, happening Tuesday, August 18 from 9:00-11:00 PM Eastern. The theme of Tuesday’s program is “Leadership Matters.” A moment like now demands real leadership. A leader who has […]

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Beating Summer 2020 with this recipe: Focaccia bread

Unexpectedly in 2020, we have met in the midst of horrid pandemic, the COVID-19, It impacts our ordinary lives and has ruined our social, economic, entertainments, and all enjoyments. We emptied the toilet tissue and paper towel shelves at the groceries, and we had to line up in front of the big stores to purchase […]

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Europe’s Last Dictator’s Hold over Belarus

Out in force in Minsk. Photo: Sergei Gapon/AFP via Getty Images After the most recent presidential election where Pres.Alexander Lukashenko won yet another presidential election to continue his 20-year regime, Belarusians have gathered in the capital city of Minsk, holding the opposition flag, white with red stripe, to protest the legitimacy of the regime. What […]