Hate Crime: Attacker of 65 years old Asian Lady arrested

On Monday, An Asian woman was attacked by a man at midday in Manhattan, New York. The attacker was a man who brutally hit and kicked an Asian lady (65) headed to her church. The bystanders from the luxury apartment lobby refused to help her. No one called 911 but patrol police found the wounded […]

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“Love of Italian Cooking” Helps to an Arrest of Italian Mob Criminal

An Italian mob criminal, Marc Feren Claude Biart (53) was arrested by Interpol in the Dominican Republic. According to Interpol, They tracked down Biart and his wife via their Youtube videos, where the couple engaged in Italian cooking.  Birat hides his face at all times, but he couldn’t hide his tattoos. Interpol noticed the particular […]

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Cuba : The First Country to Run Phase 3 Clinical Trials In South America

Cuba will take the phase 3 clinical trials as the first country amongst in South American continent. Cuba kept very low Covid-19 cases compared with other South American countries before reopening to the travelers last November. At least 44,000 people will take this phase 3 trial, according to NPR. Cuba has been independently developing the […]


Beyond M87 galaxy and its Black hole

Located between Virgo and Leo, the M87 galaxy’s secret was revealed by the international team of researchers in 2019. According to the Astrophysical Journal Letters, they’d found the polarimetric in the black hole of the M87 galaxy, which is able to “launch energetic jets from its core.” The Event Horizon Telescope confirmed that this […]

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Hundreds Line the Street to Pay Honor to Fallen Officer Eric Talley in Colorado

Hundreds of people lined up for farewell as slain police officer Eric Talley’s body was moved from the coroner’s office to the funeral home. He had worked to save the citizens from the recent grocery store mass shooting. Eric Talley (51) was one of 10 people killed at the grocery market in Boulder, CO. He […]

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Grocery store shooting kills multiple, including A Police officer in Colorado

The suspect of mass killing, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa(21) (updated 11:00 AM) Around 2:30 pm in local time on Monday, a mass-shooting in South-Boulder, Colorado horrified the world. This event left 10 people dead and many injured. A suspect was injured but treated and in police custody. Less than a week after the Atlanta shooting, […]

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VA Wrong Way Accident kills 3 and injures 4

Photo captured from NBC On Thursday afternoon, A Dodge driver eluding police took the wrong way onto the express lane of I-95. At the time, the line was open for southbound travelers but this driver took a northbound route, breaking through the closed gates. According to police, the driver, Tia O. Porter (46) from […]

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GWA Today : 12 high-schoolers of COVID-19 Positive, A man possesses Long gun with unregistered ammunition detained at the VP’s Mansion in DC

Loudoun County, VA – A dozen high school students tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a cheerleading competition in Richmond, VA, according to NBC. Dr. David Goodfriend, health director for Loudoun County stated the risk increases for young people and parents involved in club sports that aren’t following the social distancing and mask guidelines imposed […]

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Washington D.C. Fires: Lower Humidity Causes Havoc

On March 15, fires from U street, I street, to R street in Downtown DC, EMS and fire trucks wailed all day long as heavy winds and dry conditions in the Greater Washington Area created conditions suitable for fire. According to weather news, from today to Friday we have chances of rain. However, in one […]

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Korea and Japan: Too close to be Forever Friends or Forever Enemies

Throughout East Asian history, Japan has worked hard to gain its power over the Asian continent for centuries. Granted, East Asian history has spanned thousands of years, with power shifts between many different parties. However, the last villain has been Japan. During World War II, Japan forced many women into sexual slavery, including those from […]