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Congress Wants to Block New D.C. Criminal Laws: Too Soft, They Say

On the morning of the last day of February at Columbia Heights in D.C., sirens were wailing on the 14th and Meridian Place, NW. One incident happened in the area around 11:30 p.m. on Monday night, and police were involved in a shooting. According to the DC Police Department’s Twitter, Police shot at a suspect […]

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Car-related Crime Soars in DC; even Police Cars are Unsafe

Recently, car-related crimes have surged in DC metropolitan areas, as evidenced by teens’ “Kia Challange” going on around the DMV area. This time, the carjacking happened at 12:20 a.m. Monday at the Dupont Circle neighborhood. According to DC Police, the victim encountered a group of men armed with multiple cars. They got out of their […]

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50-Year-Old Woman Crashes Popeyes

A Georgia woman by the name of Belinda Miller (50) crashed into a Popeyes restaurant, making headline news locally to nationwide. Belinda found her favorite biscuits missing from her order at Popeyes after she opened up her food. The incident happened last Saturday around 7:45 p.m. Richmond County sheriff’s deputies in Augusta responded to an […]

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Winter Storm Olive will hit Northwest to Northeast in coming weekend

The National Weather Service predicts heavy snow and high winds in the Northwest coast to Northeast coast due to a winter storm, “Olive.” The winter storm will start in Northern California, specifically the Sierra Nevada mountains, and central California valleys with light snow from Wednesday night to next weekend. Olive will bring gusts of up […]

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Jupiter and Venus Are Inch Closer from Feb. 22 to March 1 to our naked eyesights

Photo From CNet The Solar system will make a new show from February 22 to March. The king of planets, Jupiter will see Venus after sundown. According to NASA, look west an hour after sunset on Wednesday, Feb. 22, and you will see Jupiter and Venus getting closer to the Moon. For your convenience, wear […]

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Class Action Lawsuit against Norfolk Southern Escalating After Train Derailment

Lawsuits are being filed for damages arising from released toxic chemicals after the Norfolk Southern (NS) train derailed between eastern Ohio and Pennsylvania, forcing thousands of locals to evacuate. On Wednesday, the plaintiffs’ law firm Morgan & Morgan filed a class-action suit in federal court in Ohio on behalf of two women living in East […]

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M 5.7 Earthquake Jolts the Ground Already in Flood Aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle Hits In New Zealand

Photo captured from USGS A magnitude of 5.7 earthquakes struck the Cook Strait by New Zealand on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023. In the aftermath of the cyclone, Gabrielle hits the country disabled by the landslides and flooding. New Zealand’s National Emergency Management Center tweeted that the shake was “widely felt in the North Island.” There […]

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NASA’s Perseverance Rover Shows 10 Sample Tubes on Mars for Future Mission

Perseverance’s Portrait of the Sample Depot: An annotated version of the portrait captured by NASA’s Perseverance shows the location of the 10 sample tubes in the depot. The “Amalik” sample closest to the rover was about 10 feet (3 meters) away; the “Mageik” and “Malay” samples farthest away were approximately 197 feet (60 meters) from the […]

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Mary Queen of Scot’s Encoded Letters Deciphered by an International Cryptographers’ Team

The researchers deciphered the meaning of the symbols used in Mary Stuart’s letters. Credit: Lasry, Biermann, Tomokiyo Five centuries of secrets have been unearthed by a team of international cryptographers. The protagonist of the 16-century significant political turmoil in Great Britain, Mary the queen of Scots had sent letters to the French ambassador that were decoded […]

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MH17 Crash that Killed 298 Civilians Most Likely Due to Putin

An International team of investigators announced Wednesday that there are “strong indications” Russian president Putin was the person who approved the supply of anti-aircraft weaponry (Buk missile system) to Ukrainian separatists who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in 2014, killing all 298 onboard. A Buk missile system from the Russian military’s 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile […]