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A Gigantic Comet approaches the Sun on Jan.31

From Wikipedia A gigantic comet is heading towards the Sun on Jan.31, 2023, according to This Machholz 1 is more than two-thirds of the height of Mount Everest in size. Its size will protect it from complete evaporation when near the Sun. The 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) wide space iceball called 96p/Machholz 1 is […]

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FMR Brazil President Bolsonaro Applies For US Tourist Visa

After the riot on January 10, 2023 in Brazil, Mr. Bolsonaro didn’t accept responsibility for the incident; instead, he applied for a U.S. Tourist Visa for himself. Since December 30, He has stayed in Florida and has expressed a desire to travel nationwide. The radical rightists stormed the government buildings on January 10, similar to […]

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U.S. and International Cybersecurity partners Hack the Hackers

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Thursday at the news conference that the FBI and international partners have hacked ransomware gangsters who have infiltrated schools and hospitals and held them hostages to extort significant amounts of money. At the conference, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco and other government officials stated the measure of how the […]

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Modi’s Question by BBC Prohibited in India

The Indian government is oppressing people who watch a documentary called “Modi’s Question” released by the BBC. Many students, activists, lawyers, and members of rival parties have been watching multiple YouTube videos, and Twitter accounts have shared the links to the BBC’s new two-part documentary film, which have been blocked by the Ministry of Information […]

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US Plans, and Germany Finalizes, Plans to Send Tanks to Ukraine

The U.S. and German are ready to send their tanks to Ukraine soon. The plan will be executed accordingly. It is unclear how many tanks are being sent over to Ukraine. Ukrainian tank crews are needed to be trained on how to operate and maintain tanks ahead of time to transfer to Ukraine. The U.S.-made […]

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LAPD identifies the mass shooting suspect as 72 years old man

Most Asian Americans celebrate the Lunar New Year as a custom. Dancing and traditional food sharing with families and friends is a common trait shared among many of the Asian societies and cultures that celebrate the Lunar New Year. However, the opening into the Water Rabbit Year has become quite dark. LAPD found out that […]

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Alec Baldwin gets Involuntary Manslaughter Related with a Cinematographer’s Death

On January 19, 2023, an announcement was made by a New Mexico prosecutor about Alec Baldwin (64): the movie star is to be charged with involuntary manslaughter as related to the gun shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (44) in 2021. Hutchins was killed and director Joel Souza was wounded by Baldwin’s gun which fired […]

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DC council overrides Mayor Bowser’s veto for the rewritten criminal code

Mayor Bowser vetoed a rewritten 450-page criminal code by the DC council. The 12-1 vote to override her veto was not anticipated. On January 17, 2023, The DC council voted to override Mayor Muriel Bowser’s veto of a sweeping overhaul of the city’s century-old criminal code. Bowser is concerned about perception regarding public safety the […]

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Extreme Weather Will Hit Northeast This Weekend

Another weather advisory alerts from Northwest to Northeast again show that millions of residents in the US will be experiencing disrupted travels due to snow, ice, and thunderstorm. AccuWeather meteorologists predict this extensive storm will bring down the temperature to the wintry precipitation from Thursday to Friday. Winter rain is expected in the metro areas […]

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9,600 Flights canceled, 1,300 delayed due to Unknown Computer Blackout in the U.S. On Wednesday

9,600 scheduled flights at 6 a.m. on Wednesday were delayed for three hours at the most by unknown computer problems at the airports nationwide. 1,300 flights were canceled nationwide. United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines all reported 40% or more flight delays or cancellations on Wednesday. FAA officials along with other […]