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Warning sign: Avian Influenza Spreads to states

Bird flu flies its territory across the globe, and there is an outbreak in dairy cattle. Scientists are seeking the virus’s pathways from air to dairy farms. Humans have contracted most viruses from droplets or touching infected objects. But this time a human infected who worked at a cattle farm in Texas. Recently scientists found […]


Type D Personality related with Hyperthyroidism

  According to, a study found that the type D personality is linked to Hyperthyroid disease. Type D personality is associated with negative emotions: higher levels of anxiety, stress, depression, and social withdrawal. This study was conducted by researchers all over Europe, and at least 3,500 people who were surveyed showed hypothyroidism. They found […]

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Total Solar Eclipse Brings Americans Outside

On April 8, at about 2 pm, people came out to see the celestial event that will not occur again for another 20 years, gathered at good spots to look up the sky from Niagara Falls to urban areas of Mexico. Many social media accounts boasted their photos, and some couples married under the eclipsing […]

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A Total Solar Eclipse to Shut Down the World… Briefly

  Photo captured from NASA According to the FAA X account, the upcoming Solar Eclipse will impact air traffic controls and airports from April 7 to April 10 because the total solar eclipse will pass over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. It means some travelers could change their travel plans before or after the […]

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Study says: Hair Treatment Can Lead to Kidney Damage

A hair treatment for straight and sleekness is related to kidney damage according to a recent study; hair treatment containing glyoxylic acid helps with hair smoothing quality, but it is highly expensive. According to, a woman visited three different times at her favorite hair salon, and she got a kidney problem. This 26-year-old woman […]

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“Scott Key Bridge” Collapses from Cargo Ship Collision

This photo was captured from The historical bridge Francis Scott Key Bridge (I-695) collapsed after being hit by a 948-foot container ship, “the Dali” around 1:30 am on Tuesday. The incident happened right after the container ship hit one of the pillars sending people and cars into the 50-foot-deep water. At the time of […]


Some Household Sanitary Products impact Brain Health

An investigator of the study says that after the COVID-19 pandemic, most household sanitizing agent chemicals have gotten to such a level that it is impacting brain health. According to the Journal of Nature Neuroscience, some of the common home chemicals affect the brain’s oligodendrocytes, a specialized cell type with protective insulation around nerve cells […]

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Genetically Modified Pig’s Kidney Transplanted into Human body For the First Time Ever

Surgeons have transplanted a kidney from a genetically modified pig to a man, Richard Slayman (62) of Weymouth, Mass. He was struggling with end-stage kidney disease. This is the first time the performance of a transplant from a genetically modified pig into a human body had the patient surviving a long battle over kidney disease. […]

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New Trend: MZ Saves More and Spends Less

A recent trend has begun to develop after the pandemic, as many MZ generation members are focusing on their spending and savings for their future. Some of them are living day by day without their financial plan but some of them have a very strict way of saving their money. One of the ways to […]

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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of the Governor of Texas

  Texas governor Greg Abbot just got a victory over the illegal immigrants’ law enforcement. SB4 will be activated from today onwards to deal with the influx of illegal immigration the southern states have been struggling to deal with. The border states and the sanctuary cities are spending millions of dollars on illegal immigrants, and […]