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A Rubivirus Strelense Detected on a Mountain Lion in Colorado

For the first time, a Rubivirus Strelense (Rustrela Virus) was detected on a mountain lion in Colorado, according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials in Douglas County released news Tuesday. Last year a staggering mountain lion that was euthanized by its organization was the first confirmed case of Rustrela virus in North America. Rubivirus […]

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Severe weather threatens at least 130 million Americans

A heatwave has hit the West Coast to East Coast US in the past weeks, at least 130 million people are experiencing hot, muggy sleepless summer nights. This heatwave has hovered in the sky like a thick blanket that took our breaths away while walking or working in a garden. North San Fransisco hits 117 […]


CDC alerts Dengue Fever Outbreak

The CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) issued a health advisory Tuesday to alert authorities, healthcare providers, and the public of the increased risk of dengue fever infection spreading broadly and speeding unexpectedly. Dengue fever virus cases have been steadily increasing and almost doubling the number of cases in 6 months of 2024 […]

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Glioblastoma Treated with Immunotherapy Breakthrough

An Australian brain cancer doctor was diagnosed with incurable stage IV brain cancer in 2023. Doctor Richard Scolyer treated his brain cancer using an experimental immunotherapy that he and his team developed. He has now been cancer-free for a year and with this immunotherapy, he invented the treatment of melanoma skin cancer for the first […]

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Sunscreen Vital for Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Prevention

Among many scientists’ debates about sunscreen usage, there is a rising dilemma for consumers, as some say there are many cons, and some say vice versa. A consumer has to do a self-study about what exactly sunscreens do for our skin protection from UVA ultraviolet light. According to NIH, in Canada, 80,000 skin cancer cases […]

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Heat Wave Hits from South to Northeast in US

Early morning walkers hesitate to come out to walk due to heat waves with humid air hovering in the atmosphere hindering outgoers from breathing. Last week a heat wave hit southern Europe, especially Greece, and Southeast and East Asia, and it has finally arrived on the American continent. Almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the mid-day […]

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Just Inhaling Mint helps Brain Health

Many rural Americans have mint plants in their garden or near door stops to prevent unwanted animals from passing through their steps or under crawl spaces. The strong scent of mint is a fence between humans and animals, such as snakes, lizards, or anything that doesn’t like the mint smell. Many scientists found this scent […]

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Is it safe injecting Ozempic for Your Weight Loss?

42% of Americans are dealing with obesity (30 over BMI: body mass index), according to the Cleveland Clinic, obesity is a metabolic disease that leads to chronic diseases, especially blood-related diseases. Many TV stars advertised the medication for their weight loss success, the magic medication, Ozempic for catching two things with one stone, and it […]

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Is Virginia tax-friendly state for retirees?

With the recent cost of living hikes, many retirees are seeking their last and foremost rest of life to spend in the best place to settle down. Many boomers are searching for resources to get a comfy, safe, and affordable place. A recent article shows the state of Virginia is the best state for retirees. […]

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IBD treatment by MEK Could Lower Transcriptional Inflammation Score

Increasing autoimmune diseases and inflammatory diseases occur globally every year and at least 50 million people have suffered an autoimmune disease amongst Americans, according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA). Autoimmune diseases are the third most common diseases along with cancer, and heart disease. Researchers found that the ETS 2 gene is at […]