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Warning sign: Avian Influenza Spreads to states

Bird flu flies its territory across the globe, and there is an outbreak in dairy cattle. Scientists are seeking the virus’s pathways from air to dairy farms. Humans have contracted most viruses from droplets or touching infected objects. But this time a human infected who worked at a cattle farm in Texas. Recently scientists found […]

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“Scott Key Bridge” Collapses from Cargo Ship Collision

This photo was captured from The historical bridge Francis Scott Key Bridge (I-695) collapsed after being hit by a 948-foot container ship, “the Dali” around 1:30 am on Tuesday. The incident happened right after the container ship hit one of the pillars sending people and cars into the 50-foot-deep water. At the time of […]

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Genetically Modified Pig’s Kidney Transplanted into Human body For the First Time Ever

Surgeons have transplanted a kidney from a genetically modified pig to a man, Richard Slayman (62) of Weymouth, Mass. He was struggling with end-stage kidney disease. This is the first time the performance of a transplant from a genetically modified pig into a human body had the patient surviving a long battle over kidney disease. […]

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Study says: Atlantic Ocean is another “Ring of Fire”

Gibraltar Arc A subduction zone under the Gibraltar Arc is moving westward, and the Atlantic Ocean could be another “Ring of Fire.” New research says that it is moving slowly and might have tectonic activities working toward extinction and creation respectively in the future. The Gibraltar Arc system is located in the convergence zone of […]

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Baby Name Can Determine Parent Worthiness

When a child is born, some parents name them after a beloved ancestor or family member, some parents name them with the hope that they become someone special, and some parents just play around. A court in New Zealand decided to deprive a couple of parenthood after deciding that the daughter’s name “Talula Does The […]

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The Strange Case of the Y Chromosome Vanishing

Humans and other mammal babies’ genders are decided by the Y chromosome. However, the Y chromosome seems to be degenerating and could disappear in a few million years. The bad news is that this means the possible end of humanity as we know it. The good news is that there are two branches of rodents […]

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Unmanned Robot Reached the Moon For the First Time Since Apollo 17 Landed in 1972

Photo captured from Sen. Bill Nelson’s X account Odysseus finally landed on the Moon Thursday evening after some time of wandering the world. A private spacecraft, Odysseus is operated by Intuitive Machines based in Houston, TX. After launching the SpaceX rocket station, it lost contact with NASA when it approached the surface of the moon. […]

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Residents of D. C., Maryland, VA, and other Northeastern States Saw Possible Meteor Shower

Near the full moon in the sky, another bright sky show was presented, according to many residents, and they reported that they saw the bright orb flash across the sky in Maryland, Virginia, and upper Pennsylvania. Some reported that they had seen fireballs as far as Canada. According to, more than 300 people from […]

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Quasar J059-4351 Eats One Sun A Day

Photo captured from the A supermassive quasar J059-4351 eats up and is fed by a gigantic black hole detected by Scientists in Australia. This quasar eats a star the size of the Sun every day, and it is not too far from our Earth. This quasar is growing so fast, and its accretion rate […]

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Easter Island had its own Writing System before the Europeans Arrived

At the most isolated and remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, lies Easter Island, which was found to have had its native language before Europeans arrived at the Island in the 1800s.  Many experts and researchers cited that the Polynesians first arrived and inhabited around 800 AD, and a 2007 study showed […]