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Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts votes in favor of Women’s Rights

John Roberts, the Chief Justice of Supreme Court voted to keep abortion clinics legally open in the state of Louisiana. This has led to great outrage in the conservative groups while the liberal groups have celebrated the win. In the 5-4 opinion, Chief Justice Roberts voted to strike down the law that forbid doctors from […]

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Texas Finally Halts Reopening Amidst Coronavirus Panic

On Thursday, Gov. Greg Abott of Texas finally halted any further effort to reopen the state, instead focusing on obtaining extra hospital beds and ventilators for the incoming COVID-19 patients. Texas is one of three states currently seeing record number of positive coronavirus infections, the other two being California and Florida. Head of the US […]

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Travelers from Coronavirus Hotspots Heading to NY, NJ, CT Subject to 2Wks Quarantine

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said travelers from coronavirus hotspots: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah and Texas to New York will be imposed for two weeks quarantines due to these states’ coronavirus cases are surging sharply. New Jersey and Connecticut joined New York in enforcing 2Wks Quarantine. Major Airlines are […]

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Massive Saharan Air Layer To Hit US Soon

Caribbean is suffering from one of the worst dust storms in recent history, from of all places, The Sahara. Sahara Air Layer is a massive dust storm that forms in early spring, summer, and late fall, and it crosses the North Atlantic every three to five days, occupying a 2 to 2.5-mile thick layer of […]

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Social Distancing and Presidential Rallies

More than 119,923 Americans have died from the Coronavirus according to CDC as of June 22, 2020. Infection rates are climbing in areas previously marked as low: Florida, Texas, and Arizona. As the temperature climbs, many people are opting out of using masks or face coverings, going to the beach, or even the bars in […]


Passenger Refusing Face Mask Kicked off of Plane

American Airlines refused to fly with a passenger who refused to wear face mask. Brandon Straka sought to fly from New York to Dallas on Wednesday but refused to wear a mask. Thus, American Airlines deplaned him and flew without him. This is the first known incident involving passenger being kicked off for not wearing […]

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Garrett Rolfe FMR Atlanta police officer charged with felony murder charge

In the midst of exploding rage from whole nation due to unjust killing by police officers, more bad news arrives from bad acts by police officers in Atlanta, GA. According to The Washington Post, 1,002 people were shot and killed by police in 2019, and police killed 1,098 people in According to this website, […]

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Powell: “Significant Uncertainty” of economic recovery

Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chairman commented on sluggish U.S. economic recovery, and its significant impact on small businesses, lower income, and minority Americans on Tuesday at his semiannual testimony before Congress. During his testimony, Powell told Congress that while some indicators have shown improvement, recovery was still far off, and that “The levels of output […]

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Rare Giant 65 pound Turtle stumbled into Fairfax County, VA

Photo from Wikipedia It seems that while every Human beings are in quarantine under the global pandemic with coronavirus but wild animals are free from all the rules and regulations. Patch reported that on May 28, at the residential neighborhood in the Kingstowne area, in the suburban areas of DC region, a huge turtle crossed […]

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Fox Compares Joe Biden to John McCain for his “ungentlemanly comments”

With less than 5 months left of battle for the US presidential election, the two runners are acting very sensitively and delicately with every moment, going against each other. Last night, Joe Biden, the democratic nominee interviewed with the Daily Show on Comedy Central, and he said ”my single greatest concern [is that] this president […]