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Is Social Media a platform of Crimes? Do not post a realtime event on your social media

A former Miss Ecuador beauty contestant, Landy Párraga (23) was killed at a restaurant minutes after she posted a photo tagging the location on April 28, 2024. She was linked to a former drug lord, Leandro Norero who was killed at a prison riot in Ecuador in 2022.

According to RadarOnline, She has 173k followers on her Instagram account and she posts her beautiful dinner with her boyfriend. Two armed men broke into the restaurant and gun downed her and they fled.

The motive of this incident remains unclear but all arrows toward the widow of the late drug lord who she is believed to have had an affair with him, according to The Telegraph.

According to, real-time posting is a target of victims by criminals. This information is related to the crime and fear of crimes. Since social networking is a part of our lives, crimes were created and mimicked.

A large number of tweets were collected from 18 Spanish-speaking countries in 70 days in Latin America and used for crimes. Social media could fuel gun violence among people who are jealous, envious, and hate crimes.

According to NPR, “Criminologists point to a confluence of factors, including the social disruptions caused by COVID-19, the rise in gun sales early in the pandemic, and the uproar following the murder of George Floyd, which, in many cities, led to diminished police activity and further erosion of trust in the police. But in my reporting on the surge, I kept hearing about another accelerant – social media.”

Do whatever you want to post on your social media but limit your things to reveal for your privacy and protection.

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