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Zelenskyy Arrives at DC to meet Biden

The hero of 2022, Ukraine President Zelenskyy visited the US to meet with President Biden and addressed both chambers of Congress. President Zelenskyy visited the U.S. for the first time and is greeted by President Biden and first lady Jill Biden in the White House on Wednesday.

“It’s important for the American people and for the world to hear directly from Mr. President, about Ukraine’s fight and the need to continue to stand together through 2023,” Mr. Biden stated while standing right next to the Zelenskyy in the White House East Room.

President Biden added “as long as it takes” he will support Ukraine and help restore infrastructure that was ruined by the Russian missile attack. He said that “We should be clear about what Russia is doing, and it is purposefully attacking Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, destroying the systems that provide heat and light to the Ukraine people during the coldest, darkest part of the year. Russia is using winter as a weapon,”

President Zelenskyy stated “We really fight for our common victory against this tyranny. And that is real life. And we will win. And I really want [to] win together. Not want, I am sure,” with Ukraine.

The U.S. announced recently that it will help provide Ukraine with $1.85 billion in military aid with a total of $22 billion which will include a Patriot missile battery for the first time to send to repel Russian missiles and aircraft. The new aid package also includes hundreds of thousands of mortars and artillery shells, dozens of armored vehicles, and specialized kits for the fighter jets.

According to CBS, The two leaders of the world exchanged their thoughts. Biden said the U.S. “stands with the great people of Ukraine,” and he called Zellenskyy a “great leader.” Zelenskyy said it was a “great honor” to be welcomed to the White House, and he appreciated Mr. Biden and said “from my heart, from the hearts of Ukrainians, all Ukrainians” for Biden’s “support and leadership.”

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