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Women-hating Lawyer Prime Suspect in the NJ Judge Son’s Killing

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On July 19, 2020, a Mr. Den Hollander, a lawyer with a history of filing frivolous (legal term for useless) lawsuits against any “feminist” programs such as women’s studies programs and “ladies’ nights” at local nightclubs showed up at the NJ Judge Esther Salas’ home in North Bruswick, NJ, dressed up in what seemed like FedEx uniform.

There, the Judge’s son, 20-year old Daniel Andrel was shot on the heart, and his father, 63-year old, Mark Andrel (criminal defense lawyer), was shot multiple times. The Judge was was in the basement when the shooting occurred and rushed upstairs.

The son was an only child, about to start junior year at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., with hopes of joining the legal profession. Unfortunately, he was killed. Mr. Mark Andrel is alive, but in critical condition.

Den Hollander was found dead near Liberty, NY. It seems to be an apparent suicide; he had told another lawyer taking over a case that challenged the male-only draft for the US military, that Mr. Hollander had terminal cancer.

Den Hollander seems to have had significant issues; he often wrote thousands of pages on hating women, including his 1,700-page self-published book on Judge Esther Salas as being lazy and incompetent.

Mr. Hollander deemed himself a “Men’s Rights” individual, with hateful, abusive, and misogynistic language against “Feminazis.” Most of his online creeds were thousands of pages long.

It certainly does not help Mr. Hollander’s case, that he went through a bitter divorce with a woman from Russia about ten years ago, a moment that he attributes as the moment when he realized the “evilness” of women.

FBI is currently investigating other potential links and leads.

What’s ridiculously appalling, among many other aspects of Mr. Hollander, was that the Judge Salas was the judge that allowed his lawsuit against the Selective Service System, yet he still held a grudge against her for not moving the case along fast enough.

It is a terrible price to pay for one crazed man’s irrational ideology. The fact that Judge Salas’ family will never see justice for the crime done is even more heartbreaking. Condolences to Judge Salas and her family on the loss of their dear son.


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