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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of the Governor of Texas


Texas governor Greg Abbot just got a victory over the illegal immigrants’ law enforcement. SB4 will be activated from today onwards to deal with the influx of illegal immigration the southern states have been struggling to deal with. The border states and the sanctuary cities are spending millions of dollars on illegal immigrants, and many, depending on their political affiliation, either stand with or against the influx of immigration.

The Republicans blamed Biden’s Administration for using immigration to bolster support. Gov. Abbot of Texas emphasized that he tried to contact Biden the secure the southern border and that it was threatening the U.S. land with security and safety as a whole. He said, “I even gave Biden in person one page of the southern border crisis solution but he didn’t hear from him.” at the press conference today.

Today, the Supreme Court allows Texas law enforcement against illegal immigrants through deportation or jail detention. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the SB4 6-3 on Tuesday means other states are likely to adopt this rule as well.

According to the Texas Tribune, Texas police will arrest suspected people who illegally cross the Texas-Mexico border.

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