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Super Storm Delta to make landfall on the Louisiana Coast and the Mississippi Delta, bringing damaging winds

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According to, Category 3 storm Delta will arrive around 4 – 7 PM Friday, bringing strong winds with its landfall (40-mph-or-greater winds to 140-mph) to the Louisiana coastal region and surrounding area: Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama.

There are high risks of flooding, power outages, sinkholes, tree damages, as well as possible tornadoes on her path.

“As Delta approaches the coast then moves inland, the counterclockwise wind flowing around the hurricane will support the development of isolated tornadoes mostly along and to the right of the tropical cyclone’s path,” AccuWeather’s top hurricane expert, Dan Kottlowski said.

I-10 corridor, which is the predicted Delta’s pathway, will be affected from Friday afternoon to Saturday night, affecting states as north as West Virginia and Virginia.

There is a 10 ft. of surge expected from Delta’s landfall, along with heavy rainfall.

One good news for Florida: the panhandle will be safe from this storm.

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