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Shutdown Averted for How Long?

On Thursday evening just before the deadline, President Biden signed the deal the House and the Senate passed in earlier part of the day to avert the government shutdown which would have affected 100,000s of federal workers, which would have compounded on the economy already burdened by Covid-19 pandemic.

The president stated, “it meets critical and urgent needs of the nation,” but also added that there was much more to do.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer led the united Democrat and handful of Republican senators for 65-35 approval on temporary funding bill with a deadline of December 3, along with a bill to aid those devastated by extreme weather, and even to assist Afghan refugees resettling in the U.S.

The House passed the bill 254-175 just hours before the government ran out of money at the end of the day Thursday.

There is no provision to raise the debt ceiling, and this was excluded to obtain the necessary support by the Republicans.

Republicans were equally aware of the danger of a shutdown and its catastrophic effect on the economy, along with the defaulting of the national debt.

Unfortunately, the Government will have to revisit the problem before December 3, 2021 to pass a more comprehensive budget bill. We’re not quite out of the drama-prone behaviors of the Government quite yet.

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