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Schmidt Baking Company Saves Folks Stranded on I-95

On Monday, Virginia saw a monster snowstorm, that eventually saw around 10 inches of rapid snowfall, as well as a 50-mile traffic jam that had many people stranded in below freezing temperatures for more than 27 hours.

A couple of people, who had been stuck inside of their cars for 21 hours slept in their cars overnight, had no access to food or water, and had little resources to turn to, as nearest towns were also out of power. A person reached out to Schmidt Baking company and asked them whether they would be willing to open the truck and provide the people with food, as many that were stuck had small children, the elderly, and pets.

The person reporting said that within 20 minutes, the CEO of the company, Chuck, reached out back to them, and had the truck driver open the back of the truck, to provide bread to more than 50 cars nearby.

Schmidt Company sells Old Tyme breads and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. His decision helped many people who likely starved for at least a day.

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