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Saving Loudoun One Tree at a Time!

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy held an annual meeting at the Ida Lee Recreation Center in Leesburg, VA on June 2. During this annual meeting, it showcased the continued effort of the group to teach elementary schoolers to high schoolers with their parents and members the importance of nature, detailed observation and appreciation of nature, and the importance of preserving it. Bluebird to butterflies, fish, snails with happy faces of the elementary school students and their journals were on the exhibition.

All participants’ journals indicated one direction in how we protect nature within our lives pressuring the public, or privately developed projects to ruin nature for their things in the future. Most of the participants were K-12 of the Wildlife Conservancy-related educators and advocators.

After many data centers moved into Loudoun County, these imposing buildings seem imposing, everywhere empty spaces, wooded lots disappeared due to building constructions on route 7 and 50.Without windows of many data center buildings rather than box type of concrete building have blocked our sights, and endlessness of trees were being cut down and housing price continues to inflate.

Loudoun Wildlife has joined several other environmental advocate groups in Loudoun County to form the Loudoun Transmission Line Alliance. This coalition will serve as a united front of opposition to the proposed construction of new transmission lines through Western Loudoun to meet increasing power demands of data centers in the county. 

If this transmission lines are being built, significantly negative impacts on environmentally from parks to historic landmarks, such as Sweet Run Park, Waterford National Historic Landmark, and multiple private conservation easement properties, according to the Trinity Mills, Conservation Advocacy Specialist stated on the Habitat Herald, a publication of the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy.

From the elementary students to high schoolers and adults who have intellectual consciousness came to the meeting to raise their concerns and immediate considerations to stop building the power lines.

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