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Russian Invasion of Ukraine “IMMINENT,” warns White House

White House warned that Russia could invade Ukraine at any moment, as Russian troops continue to gather along the Ukrainian border. Press secretary Jen Psaki said that talks between the US and Russia so far had ultimately failed to resolve the amounting amount of troops along the Ukraine-Russia border. U.S. has warned severe economic consequences on Russia for invading Ukraine, including economic sanctions.

The Biden administration released information that the Russian government has already sent group of operatives into Ukraine to conduct false-flag operation to justify the invasion. In fact, just last week, Ukraine was hit with a cyberattack that downed more than 70 government websites. While the culprit has yet to be found, the U.S. is not leaving Russia out as a potential suspect.

While the U.S. is still open to diplomatic resolutions, although if Russia chooses to escalate and invade Ukraine, the U.S. has promised to interfere.

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