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Republicans Sweep Virginia

On November 2, 2021, the majority chose to vote for first-time runner Glenn Youngkin rather than re-elect Terry McAuliffe to the Virginia Governor position. Just a year ago, Virginia had voted for Biden in the presidential election.

Many pundits suggested that this showed a swing back to Republican preference for many, possible signaling of the shift of power from the current Democrat-majority branches of the government to that preferring more Republican representation. However, Biden administration rejected such interpretation.

Instead, Pres. Biden said that the party needs to “produce for the American people,” and that while he wanted to pass the infrastructure deal and social and climate programs totaling nearly $2 trillion, he did not believe this was connected to the loss in Virginia.

However, Biden also highlighted the win of children ages 5-11 becoming eligible to begin receiving vaccines.

Pres. Biden refused to see the off-cycle elections as being significant. Whether they are not will be determined next year.

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