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NATO braces for possible Russian Invasion

The conflict between the U.S. and Russia over the ever-increasing number of Russian troops lining up along the Ukrainian border has not decreased, and NATO is now moving more military equipment into Eastern Europe.

While the world hopes for a peaceful solution, Biden administration has put 8,500 troops on heightened alert for potential deployment to Europe. NATO’s Article 5 mutual defense clause assures protection for all NATO signatories against attack. Kremlin has also provided a statement saying that Russia was watching NATO’s moves and measures to ensure security and interest for itself.

Belarusian Defense Ministry has reported that Russian troops have continued to arrive in the country, ahead of a major training exercise next month. President Biden has suggested that the call on Monday afternoon was very good, showing total unanimity with all European leaders. While U.S. prepares for the worst, western allies are taking some dramatic steps: Britain ordered its diplomats and families to leave Ukraine, as US ordered families of diplomats to leave Kyiv and allowed nonessential diplomatic staff to leave. Ukrainian leaders have made appeals for foreign aid and sought to downplay the sense of impending crisis.

That being said, Russian officials have repeatedly denied any plan to invade Ukraine, and has asserted that Russia has a right to move troops and hold military exercises on its own territory and with allies. Russia and Belarus have announced joint military exercises in Belarus next month.

That being said, the Biden administration is experiencing a very low approval rating going into mid-term elections, due to inflation, pandemic concerns, and other unsolved issued.

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