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Missing Corona Virus Link: First Outbreak in US

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A woman at UC Davis in California was tested positive for Corona virus. Strangely, this woman has had no contact with China or with another sick individual.

The California State Health Department has begun an investigation in attempt to find the source of the spread.

This is much difficult to do, as officials must attempt to identify everyone who might have had any extended contact with the woman within 6 feet of distance.

Furthermore, as she arrived intubated with a ventilator, identifying everyone she might have come in contact with is even more difficult to identify or clarify.

While US officials maintain that risk to the general public is low, they had failed to test the woman for Corona virus initially, declining to test her as she did not meet the criteria for infection with Corona virus.

CDC declined to comment on this failure, which ultimately led to the current situation. However, as worldwide count for Corona infection continues, the FDA is gearing up for the Corona virus outbreak, getting labs prepared.


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