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Michigan Lottery Winner Found Dead

57 year old Gregory Jarvis was found dead on a private beach with a winning lottery ticket in his wallet. He had won $45,000 playing the state’s Club Keno game in a bar, but was found dead on the beach in Huron County.

Friends of Gregory Jarvis reported that he had not yet cashed in the lottery ticket because of the issue of losing social security card; he was in the process of obtaining a new social security card to verify his identity.

Initially, the police considered bad intent. However, Jarvis was well liked in the community.

Instead, the police chief in Caseville, Michigan said that the discovery of the lottery ticket prompted investigators to look carefully into the circumstances surrounding the death; based on the autopsy, Mr. Jarvis had injuries consistent with hitting his head on the boat and drowning.

Mr. Jarvis had planned on visiting his father and sister in North Carolina.

The lottery ticket is now in Mr. Jarvis’ father’s possession.

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