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Marine Corps Reserve Officer Saves Human Trafficking Victims

At the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C., a Marine Corps Reserve officer broke up a suspected transnational human trafficking operation, saving multiple women from a life of slavery.

The Officer is also a Virginia State Trooper and had been staying at a hotel off Richmond Highway in Alexandria for the weekend of May 5 for the annual physical that Saturday morning.

However, when he saw a young woman dressed and acting a bit differently and saw a ’13’ tattooed on her arm, which he had been trained to notice as sign for human trafficking. He kept watching and did not act until a car arrived to pick her up. He then followed the car in his own car just a few minutes away and called for backup, sharing this information with the Police.

The Marine Officer and the Police eventually entered the building where she was taken, only to find more young women tattooed with the number 13 and drugs.

The rescue occurred at around 1 AM, and when the officer returned, he had to take the physical examination around 6 AM. He passed with a score of 278 out of 300.

The officer was presented with a medal for his heroism. Maybe there is still some good in the world, after all; this was better than most action movies.

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