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Large investigation related with armed robberies of USPS mailmen Leads to Arrest of 4 men

Four individuals are going to be facing mail theft charges after being arrested in possession of USPS service keys. According to federal officials’ announcement, a federal grand jury in Maryland returned an indictment charging four suspects with theft of mail and possession of USPS service keys unlawfully.

According to the DOJ (Department of Justice), the suspects are, Eyalan Owona (32) of Upper Marlboro, IBranhim Kourouma (22) of Glenarden, Ali Dickerson (20) of Hyattville, Benjamin Washington (22) of Owings Mills.

According to the two-count indictment, on Wednesday, May 25, the four suspects allegedly were in possession of USPS service keys for the use, sale, and disposal of keys with their intention. Those suspects have taken 13 robberies between May 23 and July 7. They have opened USPS mail collection boxes with stolen USPS service keys.  If they are convicted, They will face up to 10 years in prison for the possession of USPS service keys unlawfully and five years for the theft of mail.

This arrest was made during an investigation related to armed robberies against the mailmen.


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