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Hero Saves Day Against a Gunman at Centennial Bridge

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A Master Sgt. David Royer’s fearless act brings hope for many Americans under gloomy quarantine.

Royer was heading to his home, and he approached the Centennial Bridge in Kansas in late morning Wednesday, Royer stopped at the bridge and heard gun shots while he was talking to his fiancé on his phone. As soon as he heard gun shots, he told her to call 911 and hang up the phone. he went to out of his car and looked around and spotted the gunman.

He saw the gun man who stopped his car, stepped out of his car and began shooting at random people who were crossing the bridge.

As soon as he saw the gunman’s location, “I accelerated my truck as quickly as possible and struck the active shooter and pinned him underneath my truck.” Royer told a CNN reporter.

A motorist wounded by gunfire is a soldier, and the gunman was injured by the truck.

Many agree that without Royer’s heroic act, it could have been much worse. The gunman’s car held multiple firearms and numerous sets of bullets.

“What was a very, very dangerous situation fortunately was ended quite quickly and… very likely countless lives were saved by the person who intervened and helped,” said the police chief at Fort Leavenworth.

The hero and an injured motorist are stationed at Fort Leavenworth. Master Sgt. Royer said however that, “I don’t necessarily myself feel like I’m a hero,”

He stated that he preferred to keep his routine the same as before the incident, but many are thankful for him, and his actions certainly made sure many others would be able to keep to that routine as well.


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