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Government Shutdown Eminent

The House passed a bipartisan bill to fund the government into February of next year, but the Republicans in the Senate are currently revolting against Pres. Biden’s vaccine policies and threatening not to pass the stopgap budget bill.

The stopgap funding bill passed 221-212, as lawmakers attempt to prevent a shutdown which will surely occur at midnight Friday if it is not signed by the Senate and the President.

However, Senate Republicans are using Pres. Biden and the vaccine mandate as an excuse not to vote for the funding bill. Senate Republicans are attempting to bargain for defunding of vaccine and testing policies for federal funding. That being said, the actual leaders of both parties have not stated whether they would be willing to allow such amendment.

This could lead to a short-term shutdown this weekend, although both parties have claimed they do not want this; however, if House votes are anything to go by, which includes the fact that most members voted along party lines, it might be that the Republican party for the most part does not care if the government shuts down.

Biden has promised that a shutdown would not occur, but with a 24-hour deadline, it is unclear whether that would actually happen.

The bill itself is supported by both party members. However, Senate members like Ted Cruz seems highly invested in not letting it pass.

These political tactics at the cost of many American government workers is honestly quite annoying if not harmful. A government that does not work for its people seems to be what most Americans are okay with these days, and that’s sad to watch.

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