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Federal Judge Blocks 6-Week Abortion Ban in Texas

U.S. District Judge Robert L. Pitman granted the Biden administration’s request to temporarily halt the law which allows anyone to sue any medical provider or those involved in assisting anyone obtain an abortion if the fetus has a heartbeat detected, which can be early as 6 weeks. Most women are not even aware that they are pregnant at this stage of the pregnancy.

The judge called out Texas officials for creating such a law that “deprive citizens of significant and well-established constitutional right.”

As a result of this ruling, Texas’ largest abortion providers are planning to resume abortion services as soon as possible for patients up to 18 weeks into pregnancy.

Although dozens of states have passed similar laws since the inception by Texas, Federal judges have cited Roe v. Wade which guarantees the right to abortion before viability, which is usually 22-24 weeks.

Texas’ law was crafted to avoid judicial review, by allowing private individuals to take civil action against anyone helping another terminate a pregnancy after the 6-week mark.

Texas maintains that the Federal court had no jurisdiction as the actors engaged in suing abortion providers are private citizens rather than state actors; however, pro-choice groups and U.S. Attorney General are thrilled to hear of the news.

State of Texas is likely to appeal the decision.

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