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Delta Wreaks Havoc in the South

Delta variant is shown to be as infectious as chicken pox, pushing U.S. back to consider masks indoor, as well as vaccine mandates. For example, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the state of California has recently mandated vaccines (the other option being weekly COVID-19 tests) for its employees.

In other parts of the country, the impacts of the Delta variant is seeing a full impact; for example, Louisiana and Florida are seeing highest levels of infections; governor of Louisiana has implemented statewide indoor mask mandate. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 surge, hospitals in Louisiana and Florida are forced to delay elective surgeries again, having to divert staff resource to treating Covid-19 patients and having to limit visitors. Florida is currently the site of about 1/5 of all Covid-19 positive infections, with at least 10 hospitals in the Jacksonville and Orlando areas hitting all-time peaks in Covid-19 patient admissions. Places like Disney World, New Orleans, and Las Vegas are mandating masks again in light of the Delta variant surge, despite their desire to return to normalcy.

As significant amount of people continue to hold out on the Covid-19 vaccine, the medical field is seeing a new stage of the pandemic unseen before. Specifically, the infections are so fast and so widespread, despite large segments of the population being vaccinated or through natural antibodies from previous infections. Hospitals are not only full, they are struggling with the new influx of variety of patients, from the young to middle-aged unvaccinated adults.

Many experts are now saying that virus elimination is no longer possible; rather, it is now about reducing the impact of the virus.

Currently, average daily U.S. cases have surged past 85,000 just last month, surpassing 2020 records and highest since February 18, 2020. Deaths have risen to about 370 a day, but is below 1,000 daily average of early August last year.

As shown in India this April and now in the U.S., the Delta variant does show more severe symptoms and is FULLY transmissible, even by a vaccinated person, and that there is a high likelihood of the Covid-19 infections going strong until August.

Available research continues to show strong evidence of the vaccine’s effectiveness against serious illnesses and maiming caused by the Covid-19 vaccine. In fact, at this point, some are saying that to reach herd immunity might require 80 percent vaccination in light of all of the variants.

In the meantime, the U.S. has donated more than 110 million doses of vaccines to more than 60 countries; donating the most than all other countries combined.

As most Americans refused to be vaccinated, Washington, D.C. remains focused on Covid-19; CDC was recently found to be engaging in unconstitutional behavior by enforcing the moratorium on rent for tenants; while the White House and Congress attempts to deal with the rent problem associated with Covid-19, the country itself is still dealing with the very real Covid-19 problems, including heightened infection levels.


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