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Delta Rings Danger for the Unvaccinated

While the vaccinated portion of the population is slowly returning to normalcy, those who chose not to be vaccinated are experiencing a resurging of deaths and hospitalizations resulting from the highly infectious delta variant of the Covid-19 disease.

Until recently, the U.S. coronavirus infection rates had been low, by June, the number was very small per 100,000 residents. However, as US residents remove their masks and begin traveling for the summer, the covid-positive rates are climbing back up, especially in states where vaccination rates were lower.

For example, Missouri’s case rate was way below the national average until quite recently; now its rate is higher than the national average.

As almost half of the US population is vaccinated (which provides some level of protection against covid-19, including some variants), when removing those from the population currently suffering from covid-positive results, the results show that the unvaccinated Missouri residents’ cases are as high as the rate in mid-January, which was at the peak of coronavirus infections.

The results are startlingly disproportionate; those who are unvaccinated are those exclusively showing higher infection rates, hospitalization rates, and death rates.

The CDC had loosened the mask mandate upon the arrival of summer for those vaccinated, as case numbers were dropping and millions of people were receiving vaccinations. However, according to research data provided by the Washington Post, unvaccinated people have a 91 percent higher susceptibility rate than those vaccinated.

Alarmingly, the rate of covid-positive related cases among the unvaccinated is continuing to rise. The current adjusted hospitalization rates are comparable to those seen in April, and death rate is comparable to that of May.

As new variants enter the population, the unvaccinated stand even less of a chance in defense against those. For example, the delta variant that wreaked havoc in India earlier this year is now wreaking havoc, especially in the unvaccinated population. In the vaccinated population, the delta variant shows up as a mild cold, whereas in the unvaccinated population, the delta variant continues to be as deadly as the original covid-19 had been last year.

William Powderly, infectious-disease specialist and director of the Institute for Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis explained that those that end up needing to go to the hospital, who end up in the intensive-care unit or die are almost all exclusively unvaccinated.

The results are starkly different. States with a low vaccinated population such as Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Nevada, and Louisiana are showing high spikes among the unvaccinated. Utah, Kansas, Alabama, and Alaska show rates slightly lower than the first group.

Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland which have some of the highest vaccination rates in the country show below-average spikes of infection with Virginia having the lowest infection rates, although those unvaccinated continue to remain vulnerable.

The Delta variant surge is so alarming that the Biden administration will continue the remote work for federal employees, and even Republican party members have urged their constituents to be vaccinated.

Ultimately, the faster the country gets vaccinated, the faster we all can return to normalcy and fearless day-to-day life. It’s just two shots, spaced two weeks apart.


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