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Avian Influenza Has Been Spreading Since Summer

Avian influenza has successfully broken into 23 states in the U.S., most of which are commercial flocks. This virus has lately infiltrated into the egg-laying operations in Sonoma County, California. Since 2022, Avian influenza (HPAI) killed 72.54 million birds, and Iowa and Ohio are the two most impacted states.

According to FSN, “Canada also reports the bird virus has spread to 67 of its commercial poultry operations since September 2023.  Since the first case occurred in Canada in December 2021,  the nation’s flocks have lost 10.14 million birds.”

Wildlife Experts recommend that people “not touch” birds; instead, contact animal service if you see a bird that is not mobile, looks sick, and does not fly.

According to Action News Now, “Shelly Rogers with Bidwell Wildlife Rehabilitation told Action News Now the group is getting dozens of reports from the public in Butte County of birds that appear sick or unable to fly. Most of the sick birds are wild waterfowl like snow geese and ducks.”

Most Americans do not go a day without eating some form of poultry like chicken or even ducks. The San Francisco Bay area is seeing an impact on businesses especially known for Peking Duck Chinese restaurants.

Egg prices have been soaring since 2022, “Eggs became so expensive because of a widespread outbreak of H5N1, a highly transmissible and fatal strain of avian influenza, or bird flu. This outbreak started in early 2022 and grew into the largest bird flu outbreak in U.S. history. So the outbreak lowered egg supply, while demand remained consistent” according to

Eggs and birds… both are at risk and so is a significant protein source for the average American.

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