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A Woman in Disguise Attacks Two College Students, Kills One

Yasmine Marie Hider (21) pleaded guilty to the murder of Adam Simjee (22) Wednesday due to kidnapping, robbery, and murder against Simjee who went hiking with his girlfriend in Alabama Talladega National Forest in August 2022.

According to NBC, Hider lured a couple of college students into a robbery in Alabama by posing as a stranded driver and shot one of them during exchanging gunfight.

Hider disguised as a stranded motorist who needed a jump-start, when Simjee and his girlfriend stopped to help. All of a sudden, Hider pulled out a gun and ordered them into the woods, Simjee pulled out his own handgun in self-defense and shot Hider, but Hider fatally shot him, officials said. Hider ordered them to give their IDs, bank cards, and credit cards, and empty their pockets as well.

Hider faces up to life in prison. She will be sentenced on Jan. 4, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Alabama said in a statement. Along with the investigation of this case, Hider lived in the woods and agreed to a plea agreement.

Simjee and his girlfriend were both students at the University of Central Florida. His girlfriend was not injured.

They were on a hiking trip and driving through the Talladega National Forest, looking for waterfalls in Cheaha State Park, when the deadly encounter occurred, court documents say.

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