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A GWU professor resigns after confessing to masquerading as a Black woman

Jessica Krug, an assistant professor from George Washington University (GWU) is a white Jewish woman from Kansas city, but she has pretended to be a black woman born in the Caribbean and pretended to have grown up in Bronx in her all entire career, until last Thursday, when she revealed the truth on her own blog.

Krug taught African history and African studies in GWU. On Wednesday afternoon, GWU announced Krug’s resignation and explained that upcoming classes will be taught by other faculty members.

She is the second person after Rachel Dolezal to have pretended to be black. It is truly a difficult situation for those who are in the academic and public policy fields, as it tarnishes the reputation of organizations that unknowingly hire and promote these individuals, such as GWU and the NAACP.


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