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6 More Weeks of Winter? There will be Snow on Groundhog Day

Accuweather meteorologists are currently tracking a gigantic winter storm stretching 2,000-miles from Texas to Maine, which is forecasted to spread plowable snow and significant icing from the central and southern Rockies to parts of the Northeast this week.

Denver, Dallas, and Detroit will need to prepare for severe wintry consequences.

The storm will be hitting this large area of the U.S. on Groundhog day, when the Arctic air dives southward into the northern plains and the warm, moist air of the Gulf of Mexico surges upward to meet.

The massive snowstorm is expecting to begin its assault as early as Tuesday night from Colorado and New Mexico to the entire expanse of the northwest and midwest, with Texas and Arkansas seeing snow by Wednesday night.

Any icing can result in downed trees and power lines, and the massive land mass could create significant logistic concerns. Icing could last anywhere form 12-24 hours or even more depending on the area.

Everyone in the area of the storm should remain cautious and prepare for power outages, among many other concerns.

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