Yellen made the seat as a chairwoman of Federal Reserve

Ms. Yellen, 67, has been nominated as a Chairwoman of Federal Reserve and she was confirmed by The Senate today in the Morning.

She was confirmed 56-26 by the Senates in the vote.

Yellen is the first woman as leader of the central bank of the States through 100 year history of America.

In the mean time of the procedure, bipartisan were criticizing about Federal Reserve that its aids and helps didn’t work for the middle class Americans as much as they could do it.

She has a lot of things to take care of what the most people concern about the unemployment rate and stability of housing market and so on.

She will be the first chairwoman of Federal Reserve in the side of Democratic Party since President Jimmy Carter named Paul Volcker as chairman in 1979.

Ms. Yellen, how could she handle so many things that its fulfillment to the needed.

[AAP News – Washington, D. C., Corih Kim] copyright (c) CoreeILBO

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