Covid and Different Fortunes: Prison or Millionaire

A Pennsylvanian woman was sentenced to jail due to her coughing and spitting on foods at a local supermarket while claiming to have the coronavirus. Margaret Ann Cirko (37) had pleaded guilty in June to a felony count of making bomb threats.

She regretted and apologized for her actions in court on Tuesday but has been sentenced to one to two years in jail with eight years of probation. She also has to pay $30,000 in restitution. A Luzerne County judge called Cirko’s conduct “totally outrageous” after sentencing. According to NPR, she entered a Gerrity’s supermarket located in Hanover Township on March 25, 2020, then began to cough on fresh produce and spit on other merchandise. She claimed she had the virus and told everyone they would get sick.

The co-owner of the supermarket, Joe Fasula said that had thrown out of merchandise due to her hearsay that called it a “twisted prank.” Cirko tested negative for COVID-19, according to her attorney, and she was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

In contrast, another woman won $2 million from Michigan state’s coronavirus vaccination sweepstakes. Christine Duval had worked to boost the coronavirus vaccination rate and had participated in the financial incentive sweepstakes for more people to get vaccinated.

She has the “I got vaccinated” sticker but also $2 million to show for it.

Twisted fate of two different women now leading completely different lives due to the coronavirus; their actions show how their own responses have led to such disparity in results; one is now serving a jail sentence and $30,000 in debt, while another is a millionaire.


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