WBIS Presents “Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Reality” Workshop For Local Business Owners


On March 5, a group of local business owners met at the Sweet Signature in Sterling, Virginia to discuss strategies and vision at “Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Reality.” They spent the time socializing with other business owners, discussing ways to identify leadership styles, and creating visions for their businesses and even their private lives. They did this through various presentations and activities, such as creating collages of the things they vision for themselves.

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For example, Michael Williams of The Growth Coach brought out the DISC profile, which determines leadership styles of individuals and divides them into four main styles: D, I, S, C. The benefit of identifying self leadership and leadership styles of others, is that it allows the business leaders to customize their marketing tactics based on the leader styles of their clients.

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In a brief interview with Karen Portman of Captivating Solutions on work life balance, she explained that unlike some of her peers who consider work life balance to be achieved through integration, she maintains work life balance by separating the two area of life completely, and realizing her own need among many needs being balanced.

Valerie Brown, Sheila Nixon, Mike Williams, Sherae Ellison, Karen Portman, Dawn Sijkes, and Karen Frieson Carter attended the event, where each of them shared something about vision for business, life, and leadership.


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