Washington D.C. Residents In Fear as Carjacking Crime Soars

As the pandemic continues, Washington D.C. residents are worried about driving by themselves. The commander of the Criminal Investigations Division task force said the team has made 32 carjacking arrests so far this year as compared to just two during the same period last year.

Commander Ramey Kyle said carjackings, auto theft, and unauthorized use of vehicles have occurred during this pandemic. He said there have been 84 carjackings so far this year, compared to 17 at the same time last year. He stated that the task force is working to manage these carjackings, and since the task force launched, motor vehicle thefts have decreased.

For example, a resident parked his car a front of his apartment after he had a hectic day of work, and the next day in the morning he couldn’t come to work not because his car disappeared but because he had to report his car was stolen by someone to the insurance company, report police, and work too.

Another example, A couple of elders were trying to put gas in their car at the gas station that they regularly go to, and all of a sudden three face-covered men came out of their car, pointed a gun at them, and took the elder’s car. Things normally seen in movies are occurring in D.C. Another sad news is that there is a 12-year-old boy who is currently at large for involvement with carjackings.

As the pandemic continues and people are having a more difficult time living and maintaining their lives, people continue to be placed at heavier risks of both being perpetrators and victims of crimes.

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