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Washington D.C. Fires: Lower Humidity Causes Havoc

On March 15, fires from U street, I street, to R street in Downtown DC, EMS and fire trucks wailed all day long as heavy winds and dry conditions in the Greater Washington Area created conditions suitable for fire.

According to weather news, from today to Friday we have chances of rain. However, in one day, EMS received 477 emergency calls with 144 calls being critical and 251 calls being non-critical dispatches. Luckily no one was seriously injured except a firefighter who got away with a minor injury.

Some of the fires occurred in construction buildings and renovation housing, thus no one occupied these sites, and they were not hurt. However, 82 incidents being fire-related were noted to be significant, with many residents in danger due to high-density living.

The area might get some relief on Friday from possible snow, but the conditions are not pleasant for anyone living in DC at the moment.

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