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Warning sign: Avian Influenza Spreads to states

Bird flu flies its territory across the globe, and there is an outbreak in dairy cattle. Scientists are seeking the virus’s pathways from air to dairy farms. Humans have contracted most viruses from droplets or touching infected objects. But this time a human infected who worked at a cattle farm in Texas.

Recently scientists found the virus from cow milk. Currently, 8 bird flu viruses have been detected in North Carolina and South Dakota. Texas cattle farm worker was infected by cows. Scientists are seeking clues about the pathogen and how bird flu is transmitted to cattle and a worker from the cattle farm.

Although this avian flu does not present symptoms like respiratory illness in cattle, according to a meeting of scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, federal health officials are concerned about the process of milking and its relation to outbreaking, some form of “mechanical transmission” among herds. Symptoms of avian flu in dairy cattle “include decreased lactation and low appetite.” according to

CDC recommends that people don’t touch or close unprotected exposures to sick or dead wild animals including poultry, other domesticated birds, and domesticated animals(including cattle). People should not eat uncooked or undercooked food or uncooked food products like unpasteurized milk, or products made from raw milk such as cheeses, from animals with confirmed or suspected HPAI A(H5N1)-Avian influenza or bird flu.

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