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Virginia woman Gets Stop Work Order from the Town

A Northern Virginian woman, known as “Kala the Science Girl” and “Tunnel Girl” got a “stop work order” from the town where she is living. She posted videos of the procedures of the digging “work” in her basement to make a tunnel through an old structure to get a storm shelter on her TikTok and has more than 500,000 followers. She also has a YouTube channel (@Kaka_Engineer) and she shows viewers how to cut holes in the wall of her basement.

The town officials found out what was going on in the lady’s digging job. She posted the most recent video in which she discussed the order from her town to stop digging her basement. She cited that “they did give me a stop work order and are requiring an immediate evaluation by a professional engineer,” she said in the TikTok post, “Fortunately, contrary to rumors here, it is constructed entirely below the slab of my house, and it shouldn’t be too hard to get the permits and approval.”

Fox5 received an email from the town of Herndon and a spokesperson said the town received notice of activity of potential violation of the Uniform Statewide Building Code that was occurring at a residential property within the town’s corporate limits.

“As is standard protocol following such notifications, representatives from the building official’s and zoning administrator’s offices conducted a site inspection on Thursday, December 7, 2023. The town is working with the property owner to correct any violations and ensure that the property is safe and in compliance with the code,” an email to FOX 5 read.

Her last video drew 7.5 million people’s attention.

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