Vietnamese-American Community Holds Reception for Fairfax County Sheriff Stacey Kincaid


지난 10월 18일 베트남-아메리칸 워싱턴 지역회(딘 후돈)의 주최로 페어펙스에 있는 할러데이인 유니버스룸에서 페어펙스 카운티 보안관 스테이시 킨케이드 재선을 위한 리셉션을 가졌다. 이 자리에는 베트남인들을 비롯한 한인, 중국인들 지도자들이 참석하여 자리를 빛내 주었다.

On October 18, The Vietnamese-American Community of Greater Washington Area (President Dinh Huu Doan) hosted a reception to reelect Fairfax County Sheriff, Stacey Kincaid.  Korean and Chinese organizations’ leaders attended to support Stacey Kincaid. Vivian Kim(President of National Association of Professional Asian-American Woman) gave a congratulatory remark.

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In a brief interview with Mr. Dinh Huu Doan, he remarked, “She is the one who listens when we ask. We need someone who is for us, and to live like others without any biases or prejudices.”


Stacey Kincaid is the first woman Sheriff of Fairfax County. An unnamed individual enthusiastically stated in the lobby, “I am going to vote for her, and I have heard a lot of good deed of her from the others. We need her!”

She emphasized the importance of relationship building with Vietnamese-American community, as well as other communities. She stated, “As a sheriff, being a public servant is not easy but we’re always open to hear you,” and emphasized, “We work together.”

Mr. Kincaid stated, “As her husband, I am so proud of her. She is a hard-working lady, and I am her supporter forever!”

The reception was a great success, and all the guests look forward to her re-election as Fairfax County Sheriff.



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