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Vaccine hesitancy causes Another Rapid Coronavirus Surge in the U.S.

According to NPR, Many people who are in their politically affiliated with the Republican Party don’t want to take the Coronavirus Vaccine, although there are enough doses to cover the whole region to get vaccinated as most live in rural areas.

The people who don’t take vaccine have their own excuses:

Some are worried about the side effects of vaccination, and some are distrusting of mass media that it might hide some real facts that they don’t want to reveal.

However, They still want to see their relatives in person and engage in behavior detrimental to their health.

Currently, India and Brazil are seeing a rising death toll. It is uncountable in India, and 4,000 people died on a single day leaving no space to bury the dead in Brazil.

The Northeast coast states in the U.S., California, and Florida are not much help, as people leave their homes to spend vacations and spring breaks in these states.

The positive news is that at least 32% of the U.S. population have already taken the first dose of the Vaccines, but it is not nearly high enough for herd immunity.

The one cause of low numbers of Vaccination is that almost 20% of the population are children under the age of 16 that are not yet eligible to receive a vaccine. Also, these youngsters cannot engage in social distancing in school.

Vaccine hesitancy is very risky to many Americans in danger and the quarantines will not prove to be effective the longer the pandemic continues. Adults not taking vaccines risk putting their ineligible children at further risk of permanent damage or death.


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