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Mark Levine is a graduate of Harvard University (which he obtained through full scholarship) and Yale Law School. He worked under Rep. Barney Frank in Congress as Chief Legislative Counsel. He worked under the Clinton Administration. He is an international lawyer and speaks 50 different languages at an intermediate level, and is fluent in Spanish and French. He is dedicated to using his political background and promises to create a career that supports his constituents. On paper, he sounds impressive, and even an elite. In person, however, he is a passionate person dedicated to achieving his goals. He hopes that these would be that of his Constituents come this Fall.


Levine calls himself the “aggressive progressive.” He is proud of going against extreme conservatives like Bill O’Reilly, and defending against right-wing propaganda on various media outlets such as FOX and MSNBC. On April 16, 2014, he met with some of the Constituents in Falls Church, VA to explain some of his accomplishments so far. Some of his proudest achievements include drafting a law in the state of Tennessee, which made all abusive spouses ineligible to obtain child custody. He stated that although Tennessee is a hardcore red state, both Democrats and Republicans unanimously passed this law. He is also proud of being one of the opponents of former Pres. Bush’s plan to discriminate in federal jobs on basis of religion. This bill that may have passed in 2007, would have allowed the federal government to discriminate against certain businesses or even religious institutions based on their religious affiliation. Working under Rep. Frank, Levine is proud to say the bill did not pass. Levine also revealed his dedication to equal rights for all people including gays and lesbians, and could be known as a straight ally. 


He is aware of his immigrant roots. He said in a conversation that he understands the troubles and the desires of those seeking legal status in the United States. He’s aware of the very identity of being an immigrant, and promises to be a strong supporter of immigration reform. He wants to yell at companies for polluting the environment, but he also wants the US government to be accountable.


Mark Levine is unashamed of his abilities, his background, or even his tenacity. He promises that he will take his constituents’ issues to the US Congress. He promises to fight for them, and be unafraid of any conservative attacks on him. He hopes that those living in the 8th district (Arlington County, Fairfax County, Falls Church, and Alexandria) will give him the chance. Rep. Jim Moran (D), who is the current representative of the 8th district, plans to retire as of the end of this term, which will end in 2014. Levine hopes to replace Rep. Moran as the next democratic representative for the 8th congressional district.

The election will be held on June 10, 2014.

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