VA Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Offers 6 Week Learning Spanish Program

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6월 14일(현지 시간) 버지니아 히스패닉 상공회의소에서 스페니쉬 클래스를 오픈한다고 밝혔다. 클래스는 6주 과정이며, 초급, 중급, 고급 과정으로 선택해서 이수할 수 있다. 리치몬드 지역이나 가까운 지역에서 살고 있는 한인들에게 좋은 기회가 될 것으로 보인다.

수강료는 처음 배우는 학생은 $199 이며, 계속 배우고 있었거나, 히스패닉 상공회의소 멤버인 사람은 $155에 수강할 수 있다. 6월 21일부터 시작해서 11월 29일까지 6주 과정 클래스를 택할 수있다.

자세한 내용은 아래 사항을 참조하기 바란다.


Our 6 week Conversational Spanish classes are great for anyone needing to communicate in Spanish for work, community outreach, continuing education, travel, or fun.  Classes are small and personalized to meet your Spanish speaking goals, offering three levels of classes-Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced, plus a Virtual Conversational Spanish option is available.


Includes: All materials-course manual/lessons and audio programs containing Voice Tonality patent pending system of learning that increases language retention, plus your choice of industry specific terms and phrases to assist you with your Hispanic clients, outreach or coworkers, upon request.

Cultural training on the Hispanic culture is incorporated into the weekly sessions.


Beginner Level Class:  Teaches all foundational basics of Spanish from vowels to present tense verb conjugations with conversation building techniques. Great class for a beginner; or if you know just a little Spanish; or had Spanish way back in high school or college and you would like to refresh. You will love the strong foundation you will receive from taking this beginner class.


Virtual Conversational Spanish Beginner Level Class: Perfect for anyone to attend class without leaving your office or home. You will join in our live Conversational Spanish class sessions each week by logging in directly from your computer at your location.


Intermediate Class:  Teaches Verbs-The heart of Spanish!  Stem changing & irregular verbs, present-past-future tense verbs, sentence structure, grammar, increasing vocabulary, speaking fluency and some reading in Spanish. A class to improve your Spanish language skill sets.


Advanced Class:  Focuses on conversations through current events and culture, using all verb tenses, building vocabulary, speaking confidently, along with various presentations in Spanish to keep you progressing in speaking fluency.


Sign up now at for the a session that works for you:


June 21-July 26

August 2-September 6

September 13-October 18

October 25-November 29


Time of all classes: Tuesday evenings 7:00-8:30pm

Location: Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Office 10700 Midlothian Turnpike Suite 200, Richmond, Va 23235 (On the second floor of the Bank of America)

Registration/Cost: $199 for new participants, and $159 for continuing students or members of the VAHCC, register and pay online at



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