US Stocks Tumble To Worst Since 2008

(Photo from CNBC)

SP 500 slumped 7.6%, Nasdaq down 7.3%, and the Dow, at 7.8% lower.

SP 500 slumped 7.6%, Nasdaq down 7.3%, and the Dow, at 7.8% lower: Monday turned out to be the worst day for stocks and trade since 2008.

With corona virus fears growing within the United States amidst pandemic concerns, the stock market saw points tumble down all day on Monday, ending with the worst points since 2008.

The crude oil market continues to fall, as Saudi Arabia floods the market with crude to compete with the United States; at just $31.13 to 33.36 a barrel, the oil market has seen better days.

At this point, Bond giant such as PIMCO and asset manager like BlackRock is expecting a recession, but expects that it won’t be difficult as it was in 2008.

Nevertheless, it will be important to keep an eye out on the market for the next few weeks or months.


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