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US Colleges Decide Online or In-Class Cancellations for 2020 Fall Semester

With the Coronavirus on re-surge as states began reopening and with only a month before colleges are set to reopen, US colleges have decided to open only through online courses and cancelling in-class instructions. For example, Miami University in Ohio announced it would only hold classes online until September 21, and West Virginia University announced a delayed re-opening of August 21, a week later an original return date for students.

Higher ranking schools such as Harvard, George Washington, and California State Universities have also decided to hold mostly online undergraduate and graduate level courses.

Out of about 1,260 higher learning institutions in the US, only 49 percent will offer in-person instructions, 14 percent will offer full online coursework, and the rest, a mix.

Of course, this also affects out-of-state and international students heavily. Ithaca College in New York, for example, has decided that any student from states currently on prohibition list under New York state would be prohibited from returning for fall 2020. Online courses are already deemed ineligible for the student visa, so many students are forced to return home as well.

Education continues to be a topic of contention within US politics, and unfortunately, while coronavirus’ effect was abated to a limited extent thanks to the development of technology, remains a hot topic based on the safety needed for students to be healthy versus the declining academic aptitude due to lack of social interactions amidst the coronavirus pandemic and the need for social distancing.


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