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US Airline Companies Begin Stretching Wings as Traveling Restrictions Lessen

(Photo by J Kim)

After Warren Buffet’s airline stocks were sold amidst the first Coronavirus wave, Airlines saw many layoffs, both voluntary and involuntary salary cuts to maintain the industry afloat.

Coronavirus hit globally and almost all of Americans’ feet were bound by the strict stay-at-home and quarantine orders. A very few essential workers have used airlines, and within domestic borders only.

However, as people begin coming out of the stay-at-home order and quarantine orders, Airlines are beginning to hope for travelers to gather once more.

American Airlines plans to fly 55% of its domestic schedule in July, compared to May when it flew 20% of its schedule from a year earlier.

United, American, Delta, Southwest saw a boost in their schedules in June by 27% compared to May.

The optimistic view brought American Airlines stocks surging Thursday. The carrier gained 41% to close at $16.72, the biggest jump for the one day while United and Delta added 16%, and 14% respectively.

All US airlines are eyeing international flights once more, although highly cautious.

This sign seems to indicate some level of recovery being sought out in the airline industries, but it is still too early to tell.


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