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Unearthed Messages from the Past Warns of Famine

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A recent drought and wildfires spread west of Europe, and one of the boulders emerged as the water level continued to drop in one of the European rivers. It reveals horrendous warning messages from at least 600 years ago.

A local German reporter, Olaf Koens shares the photo of the boulders on Twitter known as “Hungersteine” in translated English for “Hunger Stones” which have revealed their features in many European rivers recently.

It warns that when the water level went down as marked or scripted on the rock, famine will have arrived.

Another journalist from Politico, Aitor Hernández-Morales shared photos of the hunger stones on his Twitter showing on Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018. It says “Wenn du mich seehst, dann weine.” Translated, “If you see me, weep.” the stone is located at the lower levels of water in the Elbe River which starts in the Czech Republic and goes through Germany to the North Sea.

According to a report from NPR, these stones were used as a “hydrological landmark” across Europe to mark desperately low river levels. These stones were visible when the drought occurred in 2018 in Europe.

According to the German media outlet, Deutsche Welle (DW), extreme heat has extended, with a lack of rainfall and prolonged drought, leading to many rivers drying up. These major rivers’ water levels are continuing to lower from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea through the Rhine River impacting the supply chains problem in Europe already.

The supply shipment was reduced to 30% load to pass through the obstructions of the low water levels in the Rhine River.

Henri Patriot, an oil analyst at UBS, told CNN Business that the low water levels in the Rhine are “challenging shipments of energy products, which is aggravating the commodity supply situation in Europe.”

Also when rivers dry up, some unwanted truths emerge on the surface too.


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