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Ultrasound Speeds Up Human Semen Motility

A study found that human semen’s motility can changed by ultrasound.  In their study, human sperm exposed to ultrasound can cause its motility to be faster. A research team at Monash University in Australia experimented with human sperm which led to the medical field and those who are in fertility treatments have hopes. A study published in Science Advances that sperm motility speeds up 266% under ultrasound.

According to, “Noting that prior research had shown that exposure to ultrasonic waves can impact sperm motility, the research team ran trials to determine if such reports were true, and if so, how much of an impact could be expected.”

The researchers collected 50 semen samples from men with both normal  and motility problems, separating them into groups based on motility speed. The team isolated the sperm cells and then exposed them to 800 megawatts of ultrasonic waves for 20 seconds. Each of the samples was tested both before and after exposure.”

In the experiment shown in the video, the impact of ultrasound has sped up motility. If this study works in the fertility clinic, does ultrasound impact the male’s sperm motility to treat for pregnancy? It is possible for an alternative way of treating infertility on the male part if it works appropriately.

At the infertility clinic, who has an unhealthy semen, and too slow movement of the sperm couldn’t impregnate the female partner’s egg. This could be a better method to egg fertilization without causing side effects associated with chemical or other methods of fertilization.

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