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Ukraine Shoots Down 29 of the 30 Russian Missiless

Photo from Google Map

Amid the G7 summit held in Japan, Russia fired 30 cruise missiles at all different places in Ukraine on Thursday, and 29 of them were intercepted by Ukraine’s air defense system,  according to AP. Russia claimed that its target was to U.S. Patriot missile system in Kyiv. The U.S. Patriot system was a little damaged but is still working in operation.

One hits the southern part of Odesa, leaving one killed and two injured. Putin threatened the U.K. for backing Ukraine and supports the long-range Storm Shadow missiles which have been successfully used in Ukraine. Russian forces are starting to retreat from the Bakhmut according to CNN.

Russian forces hit focused on the mining field of Bakhmut which was an important center for salt and gypsum mining in the Donetsk region and the most industrial mainstream of the country as known the Donbas. It is also a very important region between Ukraine and Russia in terms of being the stepping stone of Russian expansion toward Ukraine, with two important cities Kramatorsk and Sloviansk in the Donetsk region which are also the cultural, historical, and economic hubs of Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian military and Russia’s Wagner private army both reported further Russian retreats around the city of Bakhmut on Thursday, as Kyiv pressed on with its biggest advance for six months ahead of a planned counteroffensive,” Reuter said. Wegner group is on the front line of this war, how long does it stay in the war zone and how does Zelensky play with allies and get more weapons to repeal them from his country?

President Zelensky needs more missiles and jets to fight against Russia. The G7 Summit will likely seek more and stronger sanctions against Russia.

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